Business Introduction

「Getting closer and more intimate to car parts」

UP Garage

Car supplies purchase and sales
The used parts store that makes the customers’ desired car life a reality

Tires & Wheels, Car Audio, Car Navigation, Tuning Parts and etc

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UP Garage Riders

「Purchasing & Selling Bike Parts」
The specialized store to fulfill the desired bike life of customers

Muffler, seat, Rider’s jacket, bike’s body parts (not included in some store) & etc

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UP Garage Wheels

Purchasing and Selling Tires & Wheels
The store for customers who would like purchase, sell or exchange their wheels & tires

Used car’s tires & wheels (sometime brand new)

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Work Garage

Selling & Purchasing Used tools
The shop for working people

Electronic tools, Air tools, manual tool, special tools, farming tools, work uniform, work supplies, materials and etc

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The Car & Bike Purchasing Team

Purchasing & Selling Cars and Bikes
The service is for individual who like their custom to be sold at higher price

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