To create new value within the industry and surpassing the limit

「Car & Bike Aftermarket Parts」, 「New & Used」, 「SPA」&「IT Solution」These are the words we live by. Constantly striving to create new values by providing services that has not been provided before. Even though we are in a mature industry, in an industry constantly said to be not changing, we want to break through this barrier.

About UP Garage

Company’s Philosophy

Company’s Philosophy

私たちアップガレージは、車やバイクを人生の相棒とする人にお楽しみ頂ける時間と空間を提供し、 「Used Parts」を通して付加価値を創造することによって一人ひとりのカー&バイクライフのステージアップに貢献します。

Expanded Brand

Expanded Brand

  • UP Garage

    UP Garage

  • UP Garage Wheels

    UP Garage Wheels

  • UP Garage Riders

    UP Garage Riders

  • Upgarage Tools

    Upgarage Tools

  • Upgarage Cycles

    Upgarage Cycles

  • Car & Bike Purchasing & Selling Team

    Everything about Parts
    Car & Bike Purchasing & Selling Team



「Independent Company」
Flexible management is possible by not being influenced by trend set by our company,
「Retail stores Development」
「Competitive advantage」
Our greatest weapon is our internally developed system
Suggesting new projects
Creating new businesses using current resources

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Job Description

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is it okay I do not have any car knowledge?

Is okay! Even though we prefer people who are into cars but many of our staffs previously do not have knowledge of cars. So, rest assure that our store staff will guide you at your own pace.

It’s my first time working in a auto part store, will I be alright?

大丈夫です。アップガレージで働いているスタッフは販売未経験からのスタート。未経験でもきちんと仕事が覚えられるよう、店長や先輩スタッフみんなでサポートします。 もちろん、研修やマニュアルも充実。レジ操作や道具の使い方はもちろん、商品知識や接客応対など、販売の基本も覚えられます。

Is there is sales quota

Please rest assured that there is no personal quota. Of course, there is a target for the entire store, however it’s a target for the entire store. That said, there is special rewards for staff who work hard.

Is there a training period?

Yes, we have a training period. In addition, store manager and senior staff will provide you with full support so that you can get used to work quickly and have fun at work

What is the work shift like?

前月に翌月分の勤務希望シフトを提出して頂き、店舗ではそれを元に週ごとのシフト作成を行います。 土日しか働けない学生さんも、夕方までしか働けないお母さんも、それぞれのライフスタイルに合わせた働き方ができます。 もちろん、「旅行に行きたい」「冬休みはしっかり働きたい」という要望もOK。店長に相談できますので、一緒に決めていきましょう。

How can I increase my hourly wage?

Other than remembering how to use the register and tools, customer service and teamwork are important too

Are there any rules for hair color, hair style, clothes etc?

Hair color and style should follow the company’s regulation. Uniform will be worn while working