Experienced Hires

Being more intimate to your Car & Bike Parts

The experienced you have cultivated so far
Making UP Garage shine to heart’s content – those who own a car, fall in love with their car
Why not creating the future of automotive industry with this theme?


Career Path

Five or Ten Years later, when you talk about your career path, you talk about the business you own

Sweat for people
Creating new market with people who can create new market and innovate

UP Garage, is a company that has a lot of members who sweat for people

This is the culture we do not wish to lose, as it’s something important for our future

Now is era where things change drastically

I would like to work with someone who is constantly self-improving

Someone who will not give up until the end

Having skill is not a requirement

It might be abstract but someone who has interpersonal skills, management skill and passion,

We are looking for a person who is passionate and flexible to change.

We are not competing for market share

At first glance, you may think of the old-fashioned industry

UP GARAGE is a company that seeks to expand to new market and innovate

And to continue do so

Teruhiko Kohno - CEO

Independence Support System

What is 「Independence Support System」

Is a system to support employees who works at UP Garage to become independent store owner. Since 2009, we have been aiming to increase the career prospect for employees who want to continue store operation that can interact with customers other than becoming a manager at store or at the headquarter

Condition of Adaption

  • ・Has been working with UP Garage for more than five years with a track record of excellent performance
  • ・Has one year of experience as a store manager
  • ・When applying, there is position above Store Manager
  • ※However, this is not the case of staffs working at the headquarter

Flow of independence support system